BNYV central leadership is selected by YB Khairy Jamaluddin himself. Currently Akmal Saufi Mohamed Khaled leads BNYV as Director.

At state level, a State Coordinator is appointed subject to the discretion of the Director.

Central Leadership

Akmal Saufi Mohamed Khaled – Director

Asyraf Adlan

State Coordinator

Ahmad Solehin Abd Ghani -Johor

Asyraf Adlan -Selangor

Al Yashir Yahya -Perak

Dr Rizal Rahman – Kedah

Ahmad Wafi Sahedan – Pulau Pinang

Ikmal Hazlan- Kelantan

Amirul – Terengganu

Firdaus Samad – Pahang


IMG_4446Akmal Saufi is a lawyer by training and continues to practice law in the chambers of Messrs Akmal Saufi & Co as a partner. Having a stint in Frost & Sullivan and Zaid Ibrahim & Co, he loves corporate gossips. He received his secondary education in Victoria Institution and thereafter Mara Junior Science College. He reads law in the International Islamic University Malaysia. Previously a student activist under Mahasiwa Bersatu and President of Wawasan Club. He was also the Director of ASEAN Logics, an ASEAN regional platform for youth leaders. Aside from BNYV, he is currently the Chairman for the Security, Law and Integrity committee of the Malaysian Youth Parliament. His articles can be found in MalaysiaKini, Malaysian Insider and Berita Harian.

Twitter/Instagram: @akmalsaufi


IMG_4479Asyraf Adlan is a graduate from Australia in electronics and communication engineering. Was a student leader during his study days as the President of UMNO Club Western Australia. Now, he is a young entrepreneur who owns a restaurant in Empire Damansara called Pot & Kettle Cafe. As a young activist who is passionate about Malaysian politics, he believes that BNYV is the best platform for him to be with to serve the country. He owns 8 guitars and used to play in a metal band. As he gets older, he is more into acoustic songs. Always wanted to be a professional footballer but being having lack of talent, he had to accept his fate. Currently the UMNO Youth Chief of Bukit Jelutong and the Chairman of International Relations and Diplomacy committee in the Malaysian Youth Parliament.

Twitter/Instagram: @acapness


IMG_4478Ahmad Solehin is an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya and currently practices law at Zaid Ibrahim & Co, Johor Bahru. He reads and graduated with law in UiTM Shah Alam with honours. He also holds a Diploma in ‘Lanjutan Syariah dan Amalan (DLSA)’. Back in his university days, Solehin was the former President of Student Representative Council (SRC) of Johor Matriculation College and also former President of Pre-Law Club UiTM Kedah. He was also a debater for UiTM Kedah and UiTM Shah Alam from the year 2009 until 2012. Currently he is the BNYV Johor Coordinator.

Twitter/Instagram: @ahmadsolehin89


IMG_4474Al Yashir Yahaya is the BNYV State Coordinator for Perak and also presently Member of Youth Parliament for the 2015/2016 session. He graduated from MMU where he was elected as VP of Students Representative Council in 2011. Currently at the age of 26, he runs the Amanjaya Internship – a political internship programme in Perak. Apart from that, he is a fellow alumnus of Akademi Kapten Hussein and also MANTAP. In UMNO, he is a member of Pemuda Political Cadre Bureau as well as a branch Youth Chief in Gopeng. He writes for, online portal news for Perakians.

Twitter: @yashiryahaya


IMG_4454Dr Mohd Rizal is a young medical doctor based in Kedah and widely involved in social activities in the state. Back in his university days, Dr Rizal was a student activist and led Kelab UMNO Indonesia. Originally from Kulim, he is now in charge of the professional unit under UMNO Youth and given the mandate to be BNYV Kedah Coordinator. Dr Rizal writes for Berita Harian and The Malaysian Insider.

Twitter/Instagram: @drmohdrizal



IMG_4452 (1)Ahmad Wafi Sahedan is a graduate in the field of Geophysics from Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang. A former President of Student Representative Council (SRC) of USM and President of “Majlis Perundingan Pelajar Kebangsaan (MPPK)”, the highest student leadership body in Malaysia. He was awarded Vice Chancellor Award in 2011 and endowed with Nadi Negara Special Award in 2012. The current Coordinator for BNYV Penang as well as the Chairman of the Education and Career Committee of Malaysian Youth Parliament.

Twitter/Instagram: @wafi_nha / @ahmadwafi90


IMG_4448Ikmal Hazlan is a Civil Engineering graduate from the University of Leeds and an MSc holder in Management, Finance and Risk from City University London. It was during his study years in the UK that Ikmal became involved in Kelab UMNO Luar Negara, as chairman of Leeds and thereafter London, twice winning the Best Club award. In 2014 he was awarded Best Chairman of Kelab UMNO, leading him to a Perdana Fellow intern under the Prime Minister’s Office. Recently back, he is the Coordinator of BNYV Kelantan and apart from BNYV, Ikmal is part of Akademi Kapten Hussein and Himpunan Siswazah Anak Kelantan.

Twitter/Instagram: @ikmalhazlan


Alif Rosli began his journey from Sekolah Alam Shah (9802) and then graduated as Civil Engineer from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. During his study, he was actively involved in CSR and other university programmes. Currently working as Commercial Sales/Trader in Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd where most of his time travelling around South East Asia regions. Apart from that, he is also the Member of Persatuan Anak-Anak Terengganu (KL & Selangor). He also holds Deputy Coordinator of BNYV Terengganu as well as Deputy Chairman of Education & Career committee of Malaysian Youth Parliament.


Amirul Ismail, 30yrs old an Architect by profession, started his education from ILP, Sijil and Diploma in Malaysia. During this period, he has been awarded the best student of politeknik in year 2009. Then he had been rewarded by MARA Scholarship to continue his degree in RMIT Melbourne, Australia. With his passions in education, he is currently further his Master in Universiti Malaya. He is the current Coordinator of BNYV Terengganu. Apart from that, he is one of the AJK in Persatuan Anak- Anak Terengganu (KL & Selangor).



IMG_4456At the age of 27, Firdaus Samad has developed a tri-sector profile – having experience in public, private, and the social/non-profit sectors. He is currently the Head of Legal in a state-owned company and a Member of Malaysian Youth Parliament, where he chairs the Socio-Economic Committee. He was also a former Director in Amnesty International Malaysia, a non-profit and global movement of more than 7 million people with a cause to promote human rights which should be enjoyed by all. In his alma mater, Firdaus Samad was a student activist and librarian for Buku Jalanan, a street library which promotes the ideas of Books, Arts, Culture, Activism (B.A.C.A). He is famously known by the name Along in various collectives.

Twitter/Instagram :@alongsamad