Moving Forward

­My fellow Barisan Nasional Youth Volunteers,

BNYV is a formidable force. On the ground especially at state level our volunteers continue to organize and make a difference whether making sure affordable housing policies are being implemented(Hello YB!), giving medical checkups to the public(BNYV Medic Team), rejuvenating disaster area(Ops Banjir) or simply bridging key leaders with constituents. Many of our volunteers have been recognized as the next generation leaders whether at public policy platforms or even in political parties. In the previous general election we have also mobilized our volunteers to assist Barisan Nasional in one of its most competitive and challenging election to date.

BNYV was launched back in 2012 and at the height of our formation, we had over 10,000 registered members.

I remember when we began, the amount of hope and enthusiasm for this platform where youths(including yours truly) can volunteer time and effort to a cause that we and family believe. All this without having to dealing with the politics of the divisions or the component parties.

I remember being in the hall for our first formal gathering in PWTC and thinking to myself, “Oh God yes!I am not alone. There are other Barisan Nasional supporters.”

Having said that, let us not forget that BNYV was setup with three core aims in mind:

  1. To provide a platform for youths to get first-hand experience in the workings of an election campaign and to understand the democratic process in our country better.
  2. To provide a platform for youths to volunteer and give back to society.
  3. And most importantly, to specifically target non-partisan BN supporters (particularly urban based) to get involved and be a voice in the political landscape. and be a voice within that landscape.

Moving forward, the focus of BNYV for 2015 is to center our events on projects and developments of the BN Government that have a substantial impact to the Rakyat. We will be seeking to demonstrate the value of the policies and projects of the BN Government to convince the public that BN is the right coalition to govern this country. Project developments like the River of Life Project, the Iskandar Region development projects and others will be focal point of our efforts.

Come next month, we will be conducting a series of volunteer induction courses to increase our manpower resources to cater to the new programmes which will be launched throughout the year. I hope you will join us as we seek to transform BNYV to become BNYV 2.0.

In line with the new revitalised focus, I am also pleased to announce that we have re-launched our website which you can visit here at Our Twitter and FB page remains active and please do expect to see more content up there in the coming months. For those that have yet to register as a volunteer at the website you can do so at to ensure that you get the latest update from us here at BNYV.

Also, for those of you who are unaware we have moved our office from Bangsar to Desa Sri Hartamas. We expect that the office will be operational next month. We do not deny that Bangsar has its sentimental values but circumstances require us to be pragmatic. We remain focus in achieving our targets.

Enough about our internal update.

Let’s be frank.

Times are changing. The electoral landscape is no longer what it once was. In the old days, people used to say that you can put a monkey as a candidate and it will win provided it’s a BN candidate. The same cannot be said today.

If anything, Barisan Nasional is in a worst position today then when BNYV was formed in 2012. The BN Election Machinery is a well oiled machine backed with individuals who have tirelessly dedicated their time and effort to the cause.

But it is old.

The machinery is in fact very much personality driven and it is stacked with the same faces who are still struggling to catch up with the era of social media. We need new blood. Preferably ones who aren’t there to just make a contract deal. We need you to get involved. We need to help and complement the machinery beast.

In truth, I write this email because I still believe in Barisan Nasional. I believe that its ideals and policies for the Rakyat remain true. I believe that it is still the best choice to govern this country.

I also believe that BNYV is the game changer for the betterment of BN. We are not here to kiss ass but to be the change that BN ought to have. We will not tolerate policies that will not be beneficial to the people especially the next generation of Malaysia. Capitalism should never at the expense of the Rakyat. For as long as we remain true to the fight for the people and not the self vested interest of individuals, we shall prevail. No matter where you are. Whether at the office, in lecture halls or simply sitting on your couch now, get involve. Make that difference in the ways that you can. The time is now.

The scenario and situation may be different, but the ideals of BN remain the same. We fight for the people. We are here with you. You are not alone.


Akmal Saufi Mohamed Khaled
Director, BNYV

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