Director’s Sound Bite: What we need

In the end Malaysia’s future is our future. There is a set of values that makes us Malaysians, the challenges that we meet together as a nation. Not only as an individual. But individualism has been made as a compass for development resulting cluttered actions and objectives.

We need a working consensus tackling big problems and not get distracted by the petty and trivial.

Faith functions as a place for peace, understanding and comfort and yet some exploits them and drives us apart.

Responsible pledges must be made. Transparency must be ushered while nation’s security to well protected. A duty must be well executed. Accountability to be checked.

We need to accommodate from intention to action. We want people able to contribute to this nation. We want to create the tools to do so. Volunteering itself is good. Having fun is great. But again with the scarcity of the sources that we have, we want the biggest impact with the minimum amount of sources used. How do we do so? Only by working together impossible becomes probable.

We cannot afford to waste any action anymore.

Akmal Saufi MK
January 2015

Director’s Sound Bite: A paradigm shift

BNYV has played an important role during the previous general elections. A certain parliament has benefitted tremendously because of our on ground campaign and in consequence delivering a win. BNYV was established in 2012 contemplating the coming elections. We sweat and toil delivering innovative programmes for the youth and bringing a new hope into the whole game.It was also established as a platform for urban youths to engage, learn and assist the election machinery.


But that is just it. If the movement is solely for the purpose of elections then it would not be sustainable. Those who joins us will not be able to further develop their understanding in politics and issues that will later benefit the nation’s pool of youth leadership – an agenda that is always in our radar since our inception. Any organisation, movement or activist needs a cause that they can strive for. Although we are volunteering movement we none the less need a context to strive for. Avoiding to be jack of trades, master of none.


Thus after my appointment as the new BNYV Director, the BNYV core members and me have initiated a soul search. Assessing our strenght and current status. Engaging our sincere volunteers who are committed to us, various stakeholders, guidance from several volunteering figures in the nation and leaders from different niche areas.


As result, we have come out with several objectives, the BNYV new framework and finally the projects that will impact and support our new direction. We believe this is the way to go.

Tune in.


Akmal Saufi MK
February 2014