12 March 2014 – A response to Bloom Businessweek’s article

Press Statement
A response to Bloomberg Businessweek’s article dated 12 March 2014
12 March 2014

As Malaysians, we must express our disappointment by the appalling article of Mr Joshua Kurlantzick published in Bloomberg Businessweek dated 12 March 2014 entitled “Why Malaysia Will Say Almost Nothing About The Missing Plane”.

As if having a personal vendetta towards the Malaysian Government and Malaysia Airlines, he accused that the Malaysia has been harbouring terrorists in the nation without stating prove in his article. He further accused that the Malaysian Government is keeping mum of the whole scenario. Mr Kurlantzick also seems to portray that having a relation with Muslim majority country is a problem.

At a time where around the world everyone continue to hope, giving support and providing encouraging words to Malaysia, this one particular writer seems to not have a single empathy to the affected family members of flight MH370 as well as to those who are involved in the Search and Rescue(SAR) mission of flight MH370.

We Malaysians believe that it would be Mr Kurlantzick rights to state whatever he wants to say in line with his much cherished rights to freedom of speech.

However, in being so well versed and knowledgeable Mr. Kurlantzick should have at least have the decency to respect a nation that has just been struck with a calamity. At least some of the  other western media have the decency to do so.

Sooner or later the story would unfold with further details that can enlighten the family and the public. But this is not a game of who can release information faster. It is more than that. This is a situation that every single information received or theory conjured should be verified so as to not cause further distress to the affected ones. We Malaysians do not want an abundance of information that god knows where it came from. Unlike Mr. Kurlantzick, it is the Malaysian Government and Malaysian Airlines that will be together with the families. It would be the Malaysian Government and Malaysian Airlines that will receive legal repercussions if the information are not verified and disclosed.

We are of the view that rather than causing further sadness, discomfort and confusion to the family members of flight MH370, Mr Kurlantzick with all due respect we Malaysians love our country and we would not just let anyone attack us in such a manner. Especially in a situation of such gravity. So back off.


Akmal Saufi MK
Barisan Nasional Youth Volunteers