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Barisan Nasional Youth Volunteers (BNYV) is an initiative under the Pemuda Barisan Nasional. It is aimed to provide a platform for youth within the age of 18-35, to volunteer and to give back to society. BNYV is also a platform to provide first-hand experience in the workings of an election campaign and to understand better the democratic process in our country. In essence, BNYV is a youth movement backed by the ruling coalition party, Barisan Nasional that is specifically design to include nonpartisan BN supporters to be part of the campaign machinery. Designed to be youthful and urban based, the movement runs very much on the social media scene and has managed to attract a number of members directly and indirectly. BNYV started with humble beginnings as a tweet by the Minister of Sports and Youth, YB Khairy Jamaluddin through his twitter account. It has now has grown into a full-fledged election machinery that is entirely driven by youth and volunteers.