12th April 2017: BNYV SOPx: YB TAN SRI SHAHRIR ABD SAMAD – KE MANA HALA TUJU FELDA? (Click here to register)



Malaysians deserve the chance to achieve as high as their efforts are being put in. We want to fight for a visible hope towards a lasting change for the greater good of the nation. This journey demands the march of a robust and dynamic team for its plot to shift from one stage to another. Every voices and ideas from all backgrounds throughout the country is crucial because we want you to have your say for your future.

Barisan Nasional Youth Volunteer (BNYV) is an organisation that provides the platform for us to channel our calls for our future. This structured organisation welcomes all to step in and together we can build windows of opportunities for a step closer to our dream.

Everything starts with you. Gathering support for an issue in a community requires you to move. You can choose to host an event with your neighbours and friends- or you can start on your own. Join us and share your thoughts. Let us strive forward to make things happen. We are the people who don’t just support progressive change, we are fighting for it.